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"Thank You Very Much for an extraordinary piece of work. I wanted a Special personalized cocobol Espantoon for my collection and you filled that order beyond my expectations. Although I'm retired, every opportunity I have I'll show this beautiful piece of work to officers on our department. Ultimately it will pass to my youngest daughter who has

chosen Law Enforcement as a career. All The Best!"


Lt. G. E. Jeffery (Retired) Middletown Ohio Police Dept.






"Hey Chase, thank you for my espantoon.  This thing is awesome.  I have cops chasing me around to see it and asking where I found it.  I’ll be sure to pass your website on.  Furthermore, during calls I hear people in the street saying, “Damn, look at that cop carrying that table leg.”  They know it means business."

Moises Velez

Philadelphia Police Department

"I just received my Elite Espantoon today.  I can tell that there was a lot of pride behind the making of this baton.   This is something that is definitely going to be passed down. Thank you so much"


Jon Quackenbush, Sgt. Ret.

Washington State



"I just received my hickory espantoon.  I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with the craftsmanship and quality of the espantoon.  It is simply beautiful.  Thank you so much for taking the time to custom make the hickory for me. I cannot wait to take it into the field."



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